Alan Katz talks about how to do a wedding following COVID19 procedure to have a safe wedding.

Alan Katz is the founder of Great Officiants. He specializes in choosing a Professional Wedding Officiant you create a “BETTER THAN FRIEND” experience. You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of Officiants and Ceremony Styles that vibe with your vision. Be assured that when you choose from our selection of Great Officiants you will find one that you will like, trust and share wonderful chemistry with. In this episode, Alan talks about how to do a wedding following the COVID19 procedure to have a safe wedding.

Conversation Highlights

[01:23] Alan’s background

[06:12] How micro weddings can be conducted

[07:58] The way wedding might be affected when the need to covering PPE for all guests

[09:13] Importance of always having a clean restroom facility and the bar

[10:47] Why many late year weddings have changed

[12:47] Every vendor should be temperature checked and quizzed

[14:29] How virtual hosts can guide guests through the events

[19:28] How to develop more empathy to others

[23:48] What traditional ceremony items still need to be done, like unity ceremonies and blessings

[29:49] Ways to maintain the safety of all the table settings

[34:28] Ideas to pivot to magnetic group mirrors

[40:13] The trends to deliver everything digitally.

[42:19] The experience having conducted a service wearing a mask

[43:45] If somebody doesn’t want to be safe oriented, then don’t have them as part of your team


Remarkable Quotes from Alan Katz

[07:32] Size does matter. How many people can we have there? Well, the rules about guest size are going to be changing. We have to adjust with that.

[10:25] It’s really important that all the vendors have here to a strict code of ethics as far as their exposure to the virus. It saves you a lawsuit, it saves them from getting sick.

[13:45] We lead by example and we need to make sure we provide a safe environment for everybody. When it made me uncomfortable, I know that other people uncomfortable.

[21:23] We’ve got to get the government to at least agree to our ideas because people in the government won’t do anything. And if they do something, it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re just making arbitrary rules.

Alan Katz
Presiding Officiant
Great Officiants

(855) Wed-Vows  / (562) 435-4000


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  • Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) OC Trendsetter of the Year Winner
  • Voted Best Officiant in California by California Wedding Day
  • The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame 2011-2019
  • WeddingWire Couples’ Choice 2010-2019

May 24, 2020, NEWS Covid-19 and Venue Openings

In the news today we talk about when wedding venues will open and COVID-19. According to our current situation we are in phase two and venues should not open. According to an email from Chad Casto of the Kern County Public Health Services Department  Currently events and gatherings like these are not allowed by Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home Order.  Part of his Order is a no gathering guidance which I have linked here. https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/CDPHGuidanceforthePreventionofCOVID19TransmissionforGatherings.aspx Currently, CDPH has not issued any guidance for events like these.

Another part of Governor Newsom’s Roadmap to Recovery lists weddings and venues like you have mentioned in stage 3.  Currently, Kern County is in later stage 2.

Here is Chad’s Information

  • Chad Casto
  • Kern County Public Health Services Department
  • 1800 Mt Vernon Avenue
  • Bakersfield, CA 93306-3302
  • castoc@kerncounty.com

 As to marriage licenses effective last week the current County clerk has begun issuing marriage licenses via video conference all the links and details can be found on their website http://www.kerncountyclerk.com


Dr. Hugo Drax ADJA

Dr Hugo Drax, President of the American DJ Association joins the podcasts. They talk about the lifestyle of being a professional DJ, practical examples on making a living in this industry and more.

A great DJ will not only read the room based on age, ethnicity, and other determining factors to pick the correct selection of music to fill the dance floor, but they will lead the room pushing the energy of the reception so that everyone in attendance has every opportunity to get up and dance the night away. They will mix the music in such a way that one song flows into another seamlessly. They create an energy in the room that allows everyone to be excited so that even the non-dancers enjoy the evening. This is done by an experienced professional DJ using their years of education and knowledge to create a once in a lifetime experience for a wedding couple who truly wants their guests to have an amazing time at their wedding reception.

Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[03:23] Ways to set up the right workflow as a DJ

[06:12] How competitors can turn out to be your colleagues with the right mindset

[07:58] Developing relationships with other professionals out of the industry

[08:13] Importance in providing value in networking

[09:13] Methods to network effectively to gain more leads

[10:47] Staying motivated to humble to learn about the trade and achieve success

[11:45] How to avoid pricing yourself out of success

[12:47] Why it is important to impress both the host and the guests of the event

[14:29] Advice for young DJs on making a living in this business


Remarkable Quotes from Dr Hugo Drax

[07:12] As soon as you first break down that humility barrier, now you’re going to be in the position to learn then, because if you’re a disc jockey, you should hopefully have a little bit of an extrovert in your personality.

[08:25] One of the challenges for people making a living is I think sometimes people price point themselves out of success. And what I mean by that is they raised their prices in the hopes of earning a living.

[10:45] Learn the selling process at whatever price points you’re at when you, cause when you learn to sell it well, and then you create raving fans out of the attendees that everybody that’s a guest at the party goes.

[11:23] Making the client satisfied, it’s a perception of, for your business, you want to make everyone satisfied crazy fan, if you make the guests crazy, raving fans and happy and thrilled and excited and with the decor, with the beauty, with the entertainment, everything you do, they’re going to tell the host

[12:16] Notice how to sell, when you’re raising your rates, you’re getting better fees, and then you are making a living. I mean, for an example, what good is it to charge $10,000 for videography, but only be able to sell that twice a year? It’s not a living,

[15:15] If somebody runs into an emergency and they have hired somebody who is unfortunately unqualified and they maybe went based on price and they went into an emergency

Get in Contact with Dr. Hugo Drax

20118 N 67th Ave
Suite 300-605
Glendale, Arizona 85308
(888) 723-5776

Teen Power A Treasury of Solid Gold Advice for Todays Teens From Americas Top Youth Speakers Trainers and Authors
Whats It About Making Memories Being Respectful Staying Motivated Learning to Lead
BUILDING CONNECTIONS Concrete Ideas to Improve School Climate VHS tape CD Guidebook
nice bike book

Mark Scharenbroich Nice Bike: Making Connections That Move People

This episode of Wedding Talk Radio features Mark Scharenbroich, an award-winning writer, film-maker, and a motivational keynote speaker. He believes that connection is everything and that it fuels one’s passion for success despite the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlights that making connections is essential in the wedding industry, and that he is the man behind Nice Bike

Hall of Fame motivational speaker, Emmy award winner, award winning author, PLUS:  Ordained minister (Online…) with seven weddings under my belt.  6 out of 7 still married Mark Scharenbroich will be joining us next Tuesday at 1:30 pm pst.

Mix thousands and thousands of black leather, bandana-wearing, tattoo
bearing Harley-Davidson riders with a 100th Anniversary and one beige
rental car and the end result will be the perfect metaphor for connecting with others: “Nice Bike.”

Nice Bike acts as a powerful catalyst to help build stronger, more unified
teams. The message inspires audience members to be more engaged and
passionate about connecting with others.

Join Emmy award-winning speaker, Mark Scharenbroich as he takes you for a fun ride on how to be effective at making meaningful connections in both your professional and personal life. His Nice Bike principle is supported by three strong actions: Acknowledge, honor and connect.

Mark has spent his career working in both industry and education
discovering how some of the best organizations and team leaders build a
culture that encourages people to perform at a higher level through greater

Part motivational speaker, part thought-provoker and pure comedic
entertainer – Mark Scharenbroich will inspire, teach and engage you with
Nice Bike.

Credentials: Award-Winning Author, Emmy Award® winner for an ABC
TV special, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame Inductee, Golden
Apple and Silver Screen Film award for his movie, The Greatest Days of your Life…(so far), International film festival award winner.
www.NiceBike.com Twitter: NiceBikeMark

Scharenbroich & Associates
2622 West Lake Street
Suite #415
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
Phone: (612) 802-4051
Web: Send us a secure email

Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[01:37] Kyle and Mark talk about the adjustments during the COVID-19 lockdown

[04:45] Mark shares his place as a great wedding site 

[06:12] How do they stay connected this time of the pandemic

[07:44] Mark narrates his best memories with his dad and their trip to the Vietnam war memorial wall.

[14:00] How Nice Bike came about?

[19:05] The importance of connecting families together 

[19:20] How Mark met his wife

[20:00] Dave recalls his experiences with his father and expresses how important connection with people is.

[25:41] Mark and Dave shares a funny wedding experience 

[27:09] Barbara Jordan’s quote:  It’s more important to be interested than interesting.

[33:25] Every wedding is different and unique.

[36:00] Mark mentions that he does use PowerPoint

[41:50] How did Mark start offering welcome drinks during weddings

[42:52] Mark’s plan in going back to California

[48:05] Kyle shares his unique strategy, the Marriage Dance

The Remarkable Quotes from Mark

[04:15] “It’s learning how to deal with the situation…move forward and in the meantime, do something that’s meaningful…”

[04:15] “… We now realize how important these human connections are…”

[14:13] “Nice Bike is a metaphor about how we are with others by acknowledging and honoring and connecting with them.”

[22:09] Confidence without compassion is arrogance and confidence with compassion is a connection.”

Thumbnail Robert L. Schenk II

Rob Schenk Wedding Industry Law

Rob Schenk is a United States trial attorney and editor of  WeddingIndustryLaw.com, an online resource of news, information, and legal materials for North American wedding professionals. Since 2012, Rob has become one of his country’s most prominent “Wedding Lawyers,” a special designation for lawyers representing  wedding and event industry professionals. He is the founder of WedFormz.com, a database of downloadable contract templates for wedding and event businesses. Rob’s expertise has been featured in Time, Huffington Post Weddings, Petapixel, and Yahoo News, and he’s spoken at WPPI, Wedding MBA, and Destination Wedding Planner’s Congress, among others.

Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[03:23] Rob’s background in law

[06:12] How competitors can turn out to be your colleagues with the right mindset

[07:58] Developing relationships with other professionals out of the industry

[09:13] Types of problems can happen if a wedding vendor doesn’t have a contract

[10:47] Key items are usually missing in wedding industry contracts

[12:47] Why it is important to avoid gross negligence

[14:29] Advice for young DJs on making a living in this business

[19:28] Laws in a pandemic situation

[23:48] What happens when a deposit or a retainer or whatever is nonrefundable

[29:49] Ways to stay calm and keep business surviving during COVID-19

[34:28] Know your obligations and take responsibility legally

[40:13] How long has he been in business & how does he work with the wedding industry

[46:45] Difference between employees & freelancers

Remarkable Quotes from Rob Schenk

[07:12]  If you set your payments up such that if the client cancels and you want more money or you need more money you’re still out, you’re still in the hole in a certain way, then you need to structure your payment program such that you’re not going to be.

[08:25] Because there is a quirk in the liquidated damages law, and that is, it can’t be a punishment. It has to represent your reasonable exertions throughout the duration of the contract.

[10:45] The concept and the contract or the nonrefundable retainer or deposit typically is with regard to the client canceling for the reasons that are within the client’s control.

[11:23] Liquidated damages means that if, if there’s an amount that you want to hold onto or an amount that you want to be obligated to be able to be owed, if the client cancels that event under their own control, that’s its own, has its own set of rules.

I am Rob, the editor-in-chief of this site, and a wedding industry lawyer.

Wedding Industry Law is your online resource for legal news and information on running a successful wedding business. Featuring blogs, videos, interviews, Q & As, commentary, and everything in between, Wedding Industry Law is your go-to guide to the legal side of the wedding and event industry.

Wedding Industry Law focuses on educating wedding professionals through fun, easy to understand articles. Don’t have a clue about the difference between an LLC, an LLP, or an LP? Ever wonder what ‘business defamation’ or ‘non-refundable deposit’ actually mean? Have you ever had a client cancel and not know what to do? Go to Wedding Industry Law to find out, but have a chuckle or two while you’re there.

At Wedding Industry Law, we also keep you abreast of the most recent court cases that may affect your business. From copyright and trademark lawsuits to the most recent ‘Housewives of Whatever’ debacle, to LGBT marriage equality, Wedding Industry Law provides commentary and understanding to the legal fallout arising from prominent cases.

Robert L. Schenk II
Wedding Industry Law Online.

website. http://www.weddingindustrylaw.com

Covid-19 Amendment Template with Guide


Click Here to Download the PDF – Covid19 Contract Amendment









            What is this template?

The Amendment to Event Services Contract Due to COVID-19 outlines both parties’ basic rights and obligations moving forward in rescheduling the event.

            When should I use this template?

            This template may be used when:

(a) You and the client had a signed, written contract for an event that cannot go forward as scheduled due to Covid-19; and

(b) You and the client have been successful in finding a new date for the event but are anticipating that costs, payment terms, or services may be different moving forward.        



            WedFormz, LLC is not a law firm. The information contained in this Guide is general legal information and should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to any specific factual situation. No template, like the one enclosed, can meet all legal needs for every jurisdiction. You should not rely on the enclosed template without first consulting an attorney in your area.

            The information in this Guide and the enclosed template are provided “As is,” without any warranty as to the quality, accuracy, timeliness, or fitness for any purpose. Neither WedFormz, LLC, or its employees, owners, or agents, shall be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of the use, or the inability to use, either this Guide or the enclosed template.

The use of the enclosed template does not constitute an attorney-client relationship between you and WedFormz, LLC, its employees, owners, or agents. WedFormz, LLC cannot and does not provide legal advice, opinions, explanations, recommendations, or strategies with regard to the enclosed contract template.



This template is meant to be modified to fit your particular business needs. As such, please think of the document as the framework of a house. No two people will build the same house.  Some folks like modern homes. Some folks like rustic cabins. You are free to add or subtract items as you see fit. For example, you may wish to alter the amount of days you have to issue a refund in the case of a force majeure event (and you are unable to reschedule).

Please keep in mind that you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to consult an attorney in your area prior to using this contract template, whether modified by you or not.

Sometimes you will be prompted to ‘write-in’ information such as your business name, the State and County in which your business operates, or costs for extra services. Make sure you fill in all the blanks with the requested information.

Sometimes you will be prompted to ‘write-in’ a timeframe [“____ days”]. Select the amount of days that is suitable for you.

FEEL FREE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO FONT, LAYOUT, ETC. Put in your logo, make the thing purple, or whatever.

  1. TERMS

Introduction and Recitals:   The introductory paragraphs introduce the type of document and the parties involved. The “WHEREAS” and “NOW, THEREFORE” portion is called the “recitals.” This helps provide a frame of reference for the purpose of the document.

In this instance, the parties are agreeing that there is an original contract that cannot go forward because of Covid-19. Both parties intend to be bound by the original agreement, except to the extent that you both agree to make changes, like the date (duh) or amended services (more on that later).

  1. Service Contract. Lays out that the Parties are agreeing to move forward with the original agreement, with the exception of any changes you place in Section 2.
  2. Amended Terms. Input the new date, as well as ANY CHANGES TO COST, PRICE, EXPENSES, OR THE SERVICES. For example, will you incur more expenses that get passed on to the client? Are you going to be offering fewer assistants, or flowers, or room, etc? MAKE SURE EVERYTHING THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT IS PLACED IN THIS SECTION.
  3. Provides that the Parties shall not be liable to one another on account of the event having been postponed the first time.
  4. Force Majeure. Sets forth what happens in case an unforeseen event (like Covid-19!) prevents performance AGAIN. Input the City and County in which the Rescheduled Event is to take place. Covid-19 is going to be a real concern in the months that follow, so pandemic is addressed at length.

“Pandemic” is defined so that the Parties do not fight about it later. As with any other portion of this template, feel free to alter this language as you see fit.

Still, the Parties are always able to mutually agree to other definitions. In other words, as long as you and the client both agree, you generally can do what you want.

  1. Rescheduling Due to Force Majeure. Sets forth what happens when the Parties are unable to reschedule the Rescheduled Event in the case of a force majeure event. The Parties must make reasonable efforts to reschedule! SELECT ONLY ONE OPTION.
  • Option 1: Client is to purchase wedding insurance and you are to keep all monies in the case of a force majeure event. YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO HAVE LOCAL COUNCIL REVIEW.
  • Option 2: You return all monies paid to you minus your reasonable expenses.
  • Option 3: You return all monies paid.

Signature Line. Write in your business name in this section. You may wish to use your business entity’s name as it appears on its certificate of registration or articles of organization/incorporation, if applicable. For example, “Fancy Pants Photography, LLC.” For the sake of brevity, in the remainder of the contract, your business is referred to as “Vendor.”

A Company representative’s signature goes on the top line. That same person’s printed name then goes on the ‘By’ line. The Company representative’s position (ex. “Owner,” “Manager,” “President,” “Supreme Commander,” etc.) goes on the ‘Title’ line.

Date. Both parties should sign and date the document. 




This Amendment to Event Services Contract Due to COVID-19 (the “Amendment”) is made and shall be effective as of the date indicated below, by and between the undersigned event professional (the “Vendor”) and client (the “Client”), hereinafter together referred to as the “Parties” or as “Party.”

WHEREAS, the Parties entered into a service contract (the “Service Contract”) in which the Vendor agreed to provide event-related services at the Client’s event (the “Original Event”);

WHEREAS, the Parties mutually agree that the Original Event cannot or may not take place on the scheduled date due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic;

WHEREAS, the Parties desire to reschedule the event (the “Rescheduled Event”) and, except as set forth below, intend to remain bound to the terms of the Service Contract;  

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of these promises and the mutual promises contained herein, the Parties agree as follows:

  1. Service Contract. The terms of this Amendment shall supersede any conflicting terms in the Service Contract. Otherwise, the Parties agree to remain bound to all terms contained in the Service Contract.
  2. Amended Terms.:

DATE OF RESCHEDULED EVENT: ______________________________________

AMENDED PRICE: _____________________________________________________

AMENDED EXPENSES/COSTS: _________________________________________



MISC. _________________________________________________________________

  1. Release. The Parties hereby fully and forever release and discharge one another from any claims for damages arising from breach of contract due to the postponement of the Original Event.

4          Force Majeure. Neither Party shall be responsible for any failure to perform any obligation under the Service Contract due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond that Party’s reasonable control, including acts of God, pandemic situation, war, riot, acts of civil/military authorities, fire, floods, or labor strikes.

Unless mutually agreed to by the Parties, the term “pandemic situation” shall mean all of the following: If Federal, State, or Local government of [CITY & COUNTY OF EVENT], due to Covid-19 or any other infectious disease, issues any law, ordinance, or similar proclamation within sixty (60) days of the Rescheduled Event (regardless of the expiration date of such law, ordinance, or proclamation) (a) requiring physical distancing, personal protective equipment, or otherwise limiting interactions at public or private gatherings or (b) limiting any gatherings to 100 persons, or if Federal, State, or Local government of the Client’s residence issues any law, ordinance, or similar proclamation within sixty (60) days of the Event (regardless of the expiration date of such law, ordinance, or proclamation) that prohibits Client’s travel to the Event location.

Should the Event be canceled due to any force majeure event, the Parties shall make reasonable efforts to reschedule within one year of the canceled event. Any monies previously paid shall be retained by Vendor for the new date.

  1. Rescheduling Due to Force Majeure. Parties are to select one of the following:

____    Client agrees to purchase wedding insurance with a ‘cancellation policy’ covering losses arising from force majeure events. Client assumes the risk of loss due to cancellation in case of force majeure event, and should the Parties be unable to rebook the Rescheduled Event within one year, Vendor reserves the right to keep all monies previously paid, or to the fullest extent of the law.

____    Should the Parties be unable to rebook the Rescheduled Event within one year, Vendor agrees to refund monies previously paid minus out-of-pocket expenses incurred. Refunds shall be paid to Client within ninety (90) days of Parties mutual agreement that the Rescheduled Event cannot be reasonably rebooked within one year. The vendor may not unreasonably delay refund of monies.

____    Should the Parties be unable to rebook the Rescheduled Event within one year, Vendor agrees to refund ALL monies previously paid. Refunds shall be paid to Client within ninety (90) days of Parties mutual agreement that the Rescheduled Event cannot be reasonably rebooked within one year. The vendor may not unreasonably delay refund of monies.  





By: __________________________

Title: _________________________






Book Cedric Crawford
Book Cedric Crawford V2
Cedric Head Shot - 1 (1)


The next episode of Wedding Talk Radio features Cedric Crawford, an author, and a  motivational speaker. His inspirational and encouraging words coupled with his lively vibe would make you keep going in this COVID world. He’ll give you a lot of takeaways which can help you reflect on how you live your life.

Join Kyle and the rest in the group as they get motivated by Cedric’s words

Cedric’s mission is to leverage his real-life stories and experiences to show others how to overcome adversity and fear to reach their full potential and become the leader that others want to enthusiastically follow.  His “Successipe to Great Leadership” is a hit with companies and audiences around the world and he’s committed to continuing in his efforts to make “In the Box” thinking about Leadership, Teamwork and Overcoming Adversity taboo and to expose the masses to the amazing possibility that’s already inside of them.  Also, his mission is to Inspire, Motivate, Empower and Educate others and encourage them to live a life pushing and reaching for “GREAT” instead of “Average” and to also pursue creating a life of significance and a legacy worth duplicating.

Cedric’s primary goal is to ultimately let his best message be the one that he delivers with the life that he lives.  “There’s nothing special about me, but there’s plenty special about the ‘Process’ that’s gotten me from ‘A’ to where I want to ‘B’ in life and you can too with the right tools and techniques.” He says.  “Let me show you how...”

1480192317 	      Bread Crumbs to Making it GREAT: Tips, Techniques and Takeaways for how to make your life's journey GREAT and become that person others want to follow and emulate. (Volume 1) Bread Crumbs to Making it Great (Volume 2): Lessons to living your best life everyday

  • Mr. Make it Great, Inc.
  • 9530 Hageman Rd. Ste. 222
  • Bakersfield, CA 93312
  • Crawford@CedricCrawford.com
  • (661) 695-0034
Official Website:  www.MrMakeItGreat.com
Blog/Vlog:  www.MrBreadCrumb.com 
Social Media Links:  
Official Online Store:  www.TheInspirationStore.com

Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[01:35] Kyle introduces the show to Cedric with some set of expectations for the episode

[03:20] Cedric expresses his desire to inspire, encourage, motivate, and educate people.

[05:10] He mentions the COVID crisis confronting the wedding industry today, and how he wishes to contribute.

[06:25] Cedric’s research reveals that something great is being discovered when under quarantine.

[11:34] How did Cedric grow his audience for the past weeks? The 3Fs: Feed Your Followers Frequently

[13:08] Cedric’s third book is about to be released—52 Ingredients To The Success of P of Great Leadership.

[15:55] Cedric shares his 8Ds formula.

[22:51] The S-formula: Situations that uncover Fear, Faith, Frustration, or Failure

[24:40] Assets without proper mindset will leave you upset.

[25:24] Brenda airs her concern on age discrimination

[31:48] Cedric recalls the story of Antonio, a boy in a group home.

[35:10] How to stay motivated in times of the pandemic?

[37:05] Takeaway: True wealth is attractive. The more people that you can source and serve and create value in the marketplace of this world, the more wealth you attract.

[40:15] Shelly expresses her discomfort in dealing with people who are unmotivated.

[49:10] Takeaway: The profound answers to our profound questions are coming from within.

[49:53] Cedric wants to hug his friends after the quarantine order was lifted.

[56:48] Colleen asks for the next time Cedric will go live streaming.

The Remarkable Quotes from Cedric

[08:10] “Let me tune out so I can tune in to what I can do to equip,  empower, retool myself .”

[10:30] “Look for the things that we can use to redefine what it is that we are or maybe reorganize or reframe certain things so we can make ourselves even better.”

[15:37] “What you’re doing daily will determine who you are?

[11:54] “It’s okay to be selfish for selfless reasons.”

[36:46] “We’re light and our light should be cast on other people.” 

Ron Ruth
Ron Ruth Logo
Thumbnail Ron Ruth
Linked In

Ron Ruth

Ron is well known for his talent, knowledge and willingness to share which makes him a highly respected teacher from the stage. Much has been taught about the sales process and how to persuade customers to sign on the “bottom line.” The more important lesson that is often lacking, however, is how to deliver the “WOW!” level experience your customers want, expect and insist upon once they’ve committed to you and your service or product.

In today’s consumer driven marketplace, relying solely on the delivery of basic customer service isn’t going to cut it if you want to build a base of high-spending, loyal, raving customers. You must be prepared to exceed their expectations in amazing ways.

Ron Ruth is celebrated as an imaginative, creative Customer Experience Designer, Trainer, Coach. He’s also known as a fun, engaging and interactive keynote Speaker who delivers actionable content that energizes audiences to immediately transform what they’ve learned into real world innovation to the benefit of their businesses and customers.
Ron is also the founder of the #Inspiramaginativity Institute—a place where small business owners in the wedding and event industries—just like you—go to learn how to speak fluent “WOW!”—the language of customers who will pay more for your products or services, will want to return to do business with you again and again and will enthusiastically refer your business to their family and friends who will also want to do business with you as well.

Ron Ruth

Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Design

2108 SW Park Dr., Blue Springs, MO 64015
(816) 224-4487


Speaker Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[06:23] The difference between customer service and customer experience.

[08:34] How to take responsibility for a problem, even if it’s not your fault

[12:23] Ways to wrapped your customers in that warm, fuzzy blanket of care

[14:12] His 30 years experience as a wedding entertainment director

[15:58] Eliminating a flashpoint is to manage expectations

[24:13] Importance in releasing your unlimited creative potential and focus

[26:13] Methods to transform key moments of your client’s lives into joyful, everlasting memories

[28:47] Staying motivated to continue delivering that happiness

[30:45] How to get high spinning, loyal, raving customers you want to work with most in your business.

[42:47] Techniques to unleash your imaginative, inspiring, and creative talent

[46:29] How to benefit even in this crisis and strive in your wedding business

Remarkable Quotes from Ron

[07:25] When a business jumps into action to solve a problem, how often do you seize upon the opportunity to be a hero to your customers?

[08:45] The emotional connection that comes from demonstrating that you care about your customers as more than just a transaction.

[17:23] Customer service is waiting for the problem to come to you, making you reactive, and every time they come to you with a problem, it chips away at whatever relationship that you have with them.

[27:16] What is your purpose? Your purpose is your why. It is an unmistakable reflection of your brand and who you are as a business owner and the way you do business. It’s not a, it’s not a clever slogan meant to generate profits.

[48:15] I believe that if anyone is waiting on a new normal then you’re pretty much wasting your time and you’re putting yourself in a position where you really haven’t learned any lessons from the most recent past, and most likely you’re not going to be prepared the next time that disruption rolls around


Thumbnail Colin Cowie
Colin Cowie Photo
Colin Cowie Lifestyle Logo
Colin Cowie Chic The Guide to Life As It Should Be
Colin Cowie Wedding Chic 1,001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration
Effortless Elegance With Colin Cowie Menus Tips Strategies and More Than 200 Recipes
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Weddings - A Special Issue for the Bride from InStyle Magazine. Spring, 2000 Colin Cowie
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Colin Cowie of Colin Cowie Lifestyle Wedding Planner

This episode of Wedding Talk Radio features Colin Cowie, an international event and wedding planner. He has worked with big celebrities of our time, and his 35 years of experience in the industry allows him to talk comprehensively about event planning. He highlights that it’s important to keep the runway going in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. Also, he believes that this downtime can be an opportune time to reestablish your business so that you’ll be ready for the big comeback.

Join Kyle and the rest of the wedding professionals in the show in learning from the practical tips and insightful words of the expert in the wedding industry.

Our Interview with Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie has led an extraordinary life.  He arrived in the U.S. from South Africa in 1985 and it was his smarts, personality, and stylish sensibility that led him into the fast-tracked, glamorous world of planning over-the-top parties for the who’s who of royalty, celebrity, and business. Respected around the world as an arbiter of style, Colin Cowie has been at the forefront of event and wedding planning for the past 25 years, creating trends and raising the bar for the ultimate guest experience.

Colin has created some of the most talked-about events in the world, including the multi-million dollar opening of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Palm Island Dubai and Atlantis as well as Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball. In addition to Oprah, his celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Iovine, Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Nicole Kidman, and Demi Moore, to name a few. Colin’s corporate clients include Audemars Piguet, Dom Perignon, Davidoff of Geneva, Warner Bros, CBS, Cash Money Records, The Whitney Museum, Architectural Digest, Kerzner International’s One and Only Hotels, Cosmopolitan Magazine and InStyle Magazine.

Colin Cowie is an authority on living with style; an author of 10 best-selling books that are sold around the world, currently writing his 11th title, and a celebrated television personality who spent 7 years on the HSN Network.

Beyond entertaining, Cowie’s work extends into the hospitality arena where he oversaw the renovation of the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong with 600 guest rooms, 3 restaurants, the ballroom, spa, and all common areas.  Residential projects include private homes in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.  From 1997 – 2001 Colin was a national spokesperson and designer for Lenox with his signature line of china, crystal, and silverware sold in more than 500 retail stores. Colin also served as creative director for NetJets from 2007 through 2009, focusing on creating the greatest customer service experience in private aviation.

Colin Cowie and his work have been prominently featured in publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine, People, Elle Decor, InStyle, Town & Country, House Beautiful, etc. and on television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Ellen DeGeneres, The Today Show, and Access Hollywood.

Colin sits on the board of several philanthropic organizations focusing on arts, education, healthcare, and mentorship programs in South Africa and is devoted to supporting young people create a better future for themselves.  His charities include Lalela, Ubuntu, The Phelophepa Train of Hope, Infinite Family, and The Turning Point Foundation.

Website www.colincowie.com

Colin Cowie’s Books

Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[01:00] Colin shares his personal experiences and thoughts about the positive effects of the pandemic on people’s life
[04:55] Some ways on how to slash expenses
[06:14] Take the opportunity to think about what and how can you use this downtime effectively
[07:12] Colin mentions that he applied for PPP
[08:02] Figure out what does your business look like when you come back
[09:05] Practical tip #1: Get a safe environment for your team
[09:25] Practical tip #2: Give the team education and all the tools that they need
[10:18] Practical tip #3: Figure out what does the event look like when the business comes back
[03:03] The idea of categorizing people: A snapshot
[14:32] The need to learn the great realization this COVID-19 pandemic
[16:37] Shelly brings out the concern on responsibility in protecting clients.
[22:14] Coleen asks for recommendations from Colin.
[26:12] Kyle seeks for some tips on how to reinvent one’s wedding business.
[27:38] Colin talks about his own grandiose wedding.
[32:51] A show and a book (Above and Beyond: How to Stand Up in a Crowd) are coming soon
[39:06] What’s Colin’s next big event?
[39:59] Colin recommends conferences.
[41:45] Kelly asks if there are sources of information that Colin recommends
[42:35] Colin talks about the competition in the wedding industry
[47:35] What does Colin look for in a creative partner?
[50:29] Is Colin open for internship and conducting a workshop

Remarkable Quotes from Colin

[3:12] “We’ve been sent home cause we’ve forgotten to be humble. We’ve forgotten to have gratitude for everything. I think those are the two elements missing in so many areas of our lives. We move too fast and we take things for granted.”

[4:55] “It’s so important that we keep our runway as long as possible… You need to keep your business alive and slash every single expense that you have.”

[9:03] “What is the dialogue that we need within ourselves to get ready for the comeback?”

[26:44]  “My biggest takeaway is to be able to use this downtime to do everything…and be ready for the comeback.”

[47:29] “We have to be the best of what we do and we are masters of what we do.”

in 2015 Colin Cowie was the featured speaker at the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) event.  Here is his talk. 

National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) 2015
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Kelly Bearden Director CSU Bakersfield SBDC

For this episode of Wedding Talk Radio, Kyle sits down with Kelly Bearden, the Director of the Small Business Development Center in California. He generously shares the guidelines and the salient information that business owners should know so they can avail the government funding this COVID-19 pandemic. He highlights that the government has this program to support small-scale business in standing against this crisis. So join Kyle and Kelly as they provide you with what you need to do to survive your business by availing PPP and PUA programs.

Special interview Thursday, April 30th about government funding during COVID-19. Whether it’s immediate funding/financing programs or assistance with the government stimulus programs such as PPP “paycheck protection program” or PUA “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance”

SHOW TITLE:  Wedding Talk Radio With Kelly Bearden

Conversation Highlights

  • [01:20] Rundown of today’s’ episode
  • [02:10] Kelly gives a short background about himself
  • [03:53] Getting to know SBDC
  • [04:20] A short SBDC territory 
  • [05:29] SBDC impact in Kern Country
  • [08:52] SBDC is a high-quality business consulting agency.
  • [10:46] SBDC contact information
  • [10:46] Kelly gives a glimpse of the 2020 Strategic plan 
  • [12:50] The US allots 3 Billion Dollars for innovation and technology projects
  • [15:29] Kelly announces the schedule of a webinar that would help small businesses hustle in the midsts of pandemic
  • [17:04] What’s new for SBDC after April 29?
  • 19:36] Using Poll and giving away gift cards during the SBDC webinar to recognize the impact of the pandemic on small businesses
  • [20:42] Discussion of the services of  SBDC for small business
  • [21:56] Kelly shares the information that SBA portal will be opening soon for small business owners to start have their disaster -assistance application.
  • [23:30] Kelly assists Kyle in applying for disaster assistance online.
  • [26:00] Colleen airs her concern as a new company this time of crisis
  • [32:30] Kelly informs  the group about Pandemic Unemployment    

            Assistance (PUA)

  • [33:50] Angela from Enchanted Bridal asks if Kelly’s office has this service that will assist business owners in filing taxes.
  • [39:14] Mike asks if SBA will be providing guidelines to calculate the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
  • [46:13] How many are attending Kelly’s webinars?
  • [47:33] Brian shares his concern on his loan application
  • [54:25] Kelly gives further details and clarification on how the loan application goes

The Remarkable Quotes from Kelly

[21:11] “A very well can already be well-spent.”

[01:05:40] “What you need to do is you need to really document what you are doing in using this money.”

[01:09:42] “The thing is it’s gonna bounce back. People are still gonna get married.”

Get in Contact with Shane

Website: https://csubsbdc.com/csu-bakersfield-sbdc-central-california-sbdc

Local Number: 661 654 2856

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelly-bearden-0b67485

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Chris Evans
How To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months The Roadmap To Success For Wedding Professionals
The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Guide Book Hundreds of Ceremony Ideas for your perfect wedding
Why Advertising Fails

Chris Evans of Bridal Business Bootcamp

This episode of Wedding Talk Radio features Chris Evans, America’s foremost wedding business expert. He’s also an author and an expert in the sales and marketing industry. With his years of experience in the field, he now shares his great ideas on how to survive a wedding business in facing the pandemic. He also highlights that COVID-19 should be taken by wedding business owners as a huge opportunity to grow and expand their business through bright marketing tips and ideas.

Bridal Business Bootcamp is an educational platform for those in the Wedding Industry.

How To Double Your Wedding Business in 12 Months The Roadmap To Success For Wedding Professionals by Chris EvansThe Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Guide Book Hundreds of Ceremony Ideas for your perfect wedding by Chris EvansWhy Advertising Fails by Chris Evans

Show Notes and Links

 Wedding Talk Radio With Chris Evans

Conversation Highlights

  • [01:12] Chris shares how he started with his wedding trade show business
  • [06:25] Cancellation and rescheduling of weddings in this time of the pandemic           
  • [09:36] Work-from-home tips on how to make a million dollars in the wedding business
  • [11:46] Who is a high-end bride?
  • [13:58] Colleen discusses on how referral works
  • [15:48] Chris talks about the two types of referrals
  • [16:54] shares about the demands of DJs  in the wedding industry today
  • [20:29] Chris points out the two theories of The Bridal Business Boot Camp 
  • [21:17] Tip in using Ring Cards as an effective promotional strategy
  • [25:30] Chris’ idea of  Wedding in a Box
  • [30:00] Victor’s shares his tuxedo rental business 
  • [32:33] Sarah informs the group about their business (Euthology Medical Aesthetic)
  • [33:24] Cathy sheds some light about the trends in the wedding industry in the coming months
  • [37:51] Chris explains the challenges that rental business would face because of COVID-19
  • [42:15] Colleen asks about promoting small weddings these days
  • [44:28] shares on making packages for the working class and the high-end brides
  • [44:28] Final words from Chris

The Remarkable Quotes from Chris

[08:02] “You’ll realize that you don’t want to control Googe search. What you want to control of was local search.”

[24:39] “If you create desire and when you feature the advantages and benefits, and you are helping the bride out. You are helping them. You are creating the wedding of their dream. How can that possibly be a bad thing?”

[55:39] “There’s a huge opportunity right now. Right now is the time where you can set yourself up to three to five years  from now.”