Alan Katz is the founder of Great Officiants. He specializes in choosing a Professional Wedding Officiant you create a “BETTER THAN FRIEND” experience. You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of Officiants and Ceremony Styles that vibe with your vision. Be assured that when you choose from our selection of Great Officiants you will find one that you will like, trust and share wonderful chemistry with. In this episode, Alan talks about how to do a wedding following the COVID19 procedure to have a safe wedding.

Conversation Highlights

[01:23] Alan’s background

[06:12] How micro weddings can be conducted

[07:58] The way wedding might be affected when the need to covering PPE for all guests

[09:13] Importance of always having a clean restroom facility and the bar

[10:47] Why many late year weddings have changed

[12:47] Every vendor should be temperature checked and quizzed

[14:29] How virtual hosts can guide guests through the events

[19:28] How to develop more empathy to others

[23:48] What traditional ceremony items still need to be done, like unity ceremonies and blessings

[29:49] Ways to maintain the safety of all the table settings

[34:28] Ideas to pivot to magnetic group mirrors

[40:13] The trends to deliver everything digitally.

[42:19] The experience having conducted a service wearing a mask

[43:45] If somebody doesn’t want to be safe oriented, then don’t have them as part of your team


Remarkable Quotes from Alan Katz

[07:32] Size does matter. How many people can we have there? Well, the rules about guest size are going to be changing. We have to adjust with that.

[10:25] It’s really important that all the vendors have here to a strict code of ethics as far as their exposure to the virus. It saves you a lawsuit, it saves them from getting sick.

[13:45] We lead by example and we need to make sure we provide a safe environment for everybody. When it made me uncomfortable, I know that other people uncomfortable.

[21:23] We’ve got to get the government to at least agree to our ideas because people in the government won’t do anything. And if they do something, it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing and they’re just making arbitrary rules.

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