Fred Jacob|| Founder of Bridescan; Alabama’s Leading Wedding Resource

Are you engaged, confused, or wedding obsessed? We’re here for you! At Bridescan, you can get all your wedding services on one platform and make your day memorable. Bridescan is a product of The Pink Pride, a platform to connect businesses with wedding couples for the best wedding experience! Fred Jacob created Bridescan to connect attendees with exhibitors at wedding events using their phones. The app Bridescan is now used in 70 wedding shows around the US.


Fred Jacob works full-time in marketing and advertising through the Pink Bride Magazine. He has also created- Scan2Scan – which is used at non-wedding events, like Boat Shows. This app will replace the need for handheld scanners and put the power in the hands of the attendees to decide whom to scan. Once scanned, the info is SWAPPED between the attendee and the exhibitor. The producer of each event gets great LEAD data from the TOTAL scans. In December 2018, he added the ability to process exhibitor booth sales by reducing admin to the show producer.


In today’s episode, Jacob answers all the questions regarding Bridescan and Scan2Scan. We also take you through a step-by-step guide about setting your account as an exhibitor and attendee. Find out more in this episode.


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Conversation Highlights;

[01:22] A bit about Fred’s companies; Bridescan and Scan2Scan

[05:45] Why Bridescan is such a masterpiece software to use

[07:14] Difference in creating accounts between an exhibitor and an attendee

[08:58] Step by step on how to set up your exhibitor account on Bridescan App

[13:31] How to embed a YouTube video on your description

[17:46] Editing your profile to look professional

[20:16] Creating the after-show email message

[21:50] What happens when an attendee scans the exhibitors’ QR code

[25:47] How we handle confidentiality at Bridescan

[26:43] For how long can your QR Code last?

[27:59] Exhibitors can also scan other exhibitors

[29:34] How an attendee account works

[30:56] Can you add pictures to your profile description?

[34:35] Episode wrap up and calls to action


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