Jordan St Jacques|| Founder of Digitera; From a Dj to Promoter and then to Tech Industry

Welcome to today’s episode with Jordan Jacques. Jordan is a keynote Speaker for DJX, PBX, MEX, and more. He is also a Digital Marketer and Software Developer at Digitera, a company he founded in 2013 after people began shifting entertainment from nightclubs where he Djayed to festivals. Jordan is a  Guest Lecturer at Carleton University and a seminar speaker at the Photo Booth Expo and Mobile Entertainment Expo.


In today’s episode, Jordan shares his story from a Dj in schools, nightclubs, and a trusted marketer and promoter. Listen to his inspiring story that will make you refocus your procrastination. He also shares some key lessons to the Dj business, some common errors Djs make in their online branding, and how to fix them. As a key speaker at the PBX seminar, he will give us some clues of his handling topics. Find out more in this episode.


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Conversation Highlights;

[00:20] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[00:57] How Jordan started as a Dj and grew in the industry

[08:18] What skyrocketed his Djing business

[09:24] Changing with tides- the fall of mySpace and rise of Facebook

[10:13] From nightclubs to festivals in 2013 and the birth of Digitera

[12:38] Tips on how to grow your company as a Dj

[16:30] Attend seminars such as PBX and MBX to fix these Dj websites’ errors

[17:39] About Jordan’s PBX seminar about tips on ranking in Google

[25:00] Common errors that Djs make in their websites and how to perfect them

[32:50] Anybody who will speak at the show can be trusted

[33:59] The best way to test someone’s capability before hiring them

[35:57] What Jordan will have for you during the Mobile Entertainment Expo

[43:06] Episode wrap up and calls to action


Notable Quotes 

  • [07:49] When you are a Dj, you rely on the decisions of many people rather than your own. 
  • [11:56] Our journeys are simply responses to the situations in our world 
  • [12:38] Your growth as a Dj depends on how you parade yourself online
  • [13:46] It is your first impression that determines if a deal will be closed or not 
  • [14:13] The biggest viewer of your website is Mr. Google
  • [20:35] Anything that Google owns somehow ends up in the calculation of where you rank on google.
  • [21:28] Out of all the different aspects of the Google ranking calculation, Google My Business was worth 14% of the overall calculation.
  • [26:25] YOAST is the best SEO plugin by far.
  • [27:33] A Djs website is their online flyer

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