Photo booths and DJs are integral in a wedding, party, or event. They can be found at every major event, but they often don’t work together. This is why these two industries need to come together and form associations that will allow them to promote each other’s services and help match their clients with the perfect team.

Hugo Drax shares some insights on the benefits of joining Adja and Photo Booth Associations to speed the growth of the Djaying and Photo Booth businesses. Hear more from him.

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Conversation Highlights;

[00:20] Meet Hugo Drax, one of the exhibitors at the 2022 PBX and MEX

[00:32] A bit about his Adja and Photobooth Associations

[01:15] A side-hustle programme they offer to their clients

[02:12] How long have the associations been active

[02:36] Where to go and find out more about these associations

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Hugo Drax