This episode of Wedding Talk Radio features Chris Evans, America’s foremost wedding business expert. He’s also an author and an expert in the sales and marketing industry. With his years of experience in the field, he now shares his great ideas on how to survive a wedding business in facing the pandemic. He also highlights that COVID-19 should be taken by wedding business owners as a huge opportunity to grow and expand their business through bright marketing tips and ideas.

Bridal Business Bootcamp is an educational platform for those in the Wedding Industry.

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Show Notes and Links

 Wedding Talk Radio With Chris Evans

Conversation Highlights

  • [01:12] Chris shares how he started with his wedding trade show business
  • [06:25] Cancellation and rescheduling of weddings in this time of the pandemic           
  • [09:36] Work-from-home tips on how to make a million dollars in the wedding business
  • [11:46] Who is a high-end bride?
  • [13:58] Colleen discusses on how referral works
  • [15:48] Chris talks about the two types of referrals
  • [16:54] shares about the demands of DJs  in the wedding industry today
  • [20:29] Chris points out the two theories of The Bridal Business Boot Camp 
  • [21:17] Tip in using Ring Cards as an effective promotional strategy
  • [25:30] Chris’ idea of  Wedding in a Box
  • [30:00] Victor’s shares his tuxedo rental business 
  • [32:33] Sarah informs the group about their business (Euthology Medical Aesthetic)
  • [33:24] Cathy sheds some light about the trends in the wedding industry in the coming months
  • [37:51] Chris explains the challenges that rental business would face because of COVID-19
  • [42:15] Colleen asks about promoting small weddings these days
  • [44:28] shares on making packages for the working class and the high-end brides
  • [44:28] Final words from Chris

The Remarkable Quotes from Chris

[08:02] “You’ll realize that you don’t want to control Googe search. What you want to control of was local search.”

[24:39] “If you create desire and when you feature the advantages and benefits, and you are helping the bride out. You are helping them. You are creating the wedding of their dream. How can that possibly be a bad thing?”

[55:39] “There’s a huge opportunity right now. Right now is the time where you can set yourself up to three to five years  from now.”