This episode of Wedding Talk Radio features David Tutera, a leading wedding and entertainment expert, an author, a professional speaker,  and a fashion designer. He is so enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge and insights to motivate wedding professionals to keep hustling this time of the pandemic. He reminds wedding planners and designers that they provide immense joy to people in their once-in-a-lifetime event as shown in the videos he generously shared. He even points out that it’s always good to balance career and family life by prioritizing what is important. 

Listen and learn from the expert in the wedding industry not just by his words but through the great projects that he was able to realize. 

David Tutera is an award-winning wedding planner, fashion designer, lifestyle designer, entertaining expert, author, professional speaker, and television star. Tutera is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success in the lifestyle arena. Honored by Life & Style Magazine as "Best Celebrity Wedding Planner," David's impressive client list includes celebrities, royalty, politicians, and socialites. Tutera has hosted several hit television series, is a media go-to expert on weddings and celebrations and is a regular expert on various talk shows, and a contributor to numerous magazines. | Facebook

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Wedding Talk Radio With David Tutera

Conversation Highlights

  • [01:15] David shares his thoughts about what is happening at the wedding industry today
  • [02:27] A reminder that the wedding industry provides joy and fashion to people
  • [04:40] The question: What we want to accomplish tomorrow for our families and our clients?
  • [05:40] How does David maintain his upbeat and exciting personality
  • [07:10] David’s realizations while staying at home with family
  • [09:56] Changes and  hopes in the future of the wedding industry
  • [12:00] The call to balance career and family
  • [12:43] David as a “list” person - professional list
  • [13:50] Shelly seeks for some pieces of advice on how to handle clients at this point in time
  • [17:30] David talks about the video showing the 3-day affair of wedding planners and designers 
  • [18:40] Kyle screen shares the video
  • [21:51] Pieces of advice from David in taking opportunities 
  • [26:45] David shares a 5-minute wonderful wedding video
  • [32:02] David appears with her daughter which shows the real-life and the human in him
  • [33:42] Considerations on how David chooses his vendors
  • [35:05] The big event that is coming up in August: The DTE experience
  • [36:02] What is coming soon for David?
  • [36:20] Question for David: If you have the freedom to roam around the world, what’s the first thing that you'll do?
  • [37:25] David’s thoughts about working from home
  • [37:38] Will David attend the MBA this year?

The Remarkable Quotes from Kelly

[2:33] “We are all in a business where we have to remind ourselves that we provide joy...”

[8:33]  “If you prioritize what’s important both on the docket for your events or selling fashion or whatever it might be. You have to get done what you need to get done in the time frame you’re given so you can enjoy the life that you are supposed to be enjoying.”

[21:35]  “You have to be very open emotionally to be able to do a better job cause what we do is an emotional experience.”

[22:17]  “Understand what you have thought you’d been doing wrong or could have been doing better and what you’ll do next that can let you stand in the industry.”

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