Rick has been in the wedding industry since 1992 and has accomplished the following:

  • Worked one on one with over 300 Brides and their Weddings as a Wedding Vendor
  • Worked one on one with close to 2000 Wedding vendors from all facets of the industry
  • Spoken to Thousands of Wedding Professionals Coast to Coast
  • Authored “Seven steps to a Stress-Free Wedding”
  • Has successfully published 2 Wedding magazines and 2 Wedding Websites
  • Been a Keynote Speaker to groups such as WEVA (International Videographers Association ) PPA (Professional Photographers Association) ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) ADJA (Disc Jockey Association and thousands of Wedding Professionals across the country.
  • Is the author of the “Get More Brides Business Success Kit”
  • Has produced numerous Bridal Shows
  • Has been a featured expert on Television networks The WB, FOX, and ABC and interviewed in many newspaper articles

Rick Brewer


Show Notes

The next episode of Wedding Talk For Wedding Professionals presents Rick Brewer,  a wedding business marketing expert who had worked with hundreds of brides and wedding professionals. With Kyle, he discussed the current state of the wedding industry. Given his experiences in wedding business marketing, he is now sharing to the world his Five Key Points on how to survive a wedding business in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Conversation Highlights

  • [01:42] Rick’s journey to digital marketing 
  • [04:32] Five Key Points from Rick
  • [05:44] 1st point: Don’t hide your business
  • [16:27] 2nd point: Make sure your website content reflects your business status this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • [17:17] 3rd point: Now is the time to adjust
  • [22:27] How Google Works for Your Business?
  • [29:40] 4th point: Look to the Future
  • [30:37] 5th point: Do some competitive research.
  • [33:40] Ken’s question on incognito mode
  • [35:40] Blaire’s concern on his website’s speed and Google ranking
  • [39:04] Coleen’s question on how to rank high in Google
  • [41:29] Replay on what are the 4 Top Google things (Title of Your Page, Meta Description, Keywords/Meta Tags, On-page SEO)
  • [43:43] WordPress: A brief discussion
  • [45:42] Liz’s appreciation of the online talk  
  • [46:20] Invitation to Bridal Shows
  • [48:58] Rick’s tips on getting clients’ reviews

The Remarkable Quotes from Rick

[05:10] “I wanna stay with the positive… I don’t want to talk who’s to blame for this? It is what it is.”

[05:32] “My theory is let’s go through it with some hope, and let’s find the good things that are happening out there.”

[20:33] “You have to overcome bigger things in this, and you will overcome this so fight for it! Keep going for it!”

[40:16] “The main thing is to know your role, who you are, and who are searching for you, meaning what are your keywords. What matters in your world?”

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