Dr Hugo Drax, President of the American DJ Association joins the podcasts. They talk about the lifestyle of being a professional DJ, practical examples on making a living in this industry and more.

A great DJ will not only read the room based on age, ethnicity, and other determining factors to pick the correct selection of music to fill the dance floor, but they will lead the room pushing the energy of the reception so that everyone in attendance has every opportunity to get up and dance the night away. They will mix the music in such a way that one song flows into another seamlessly. They create an energy in the room that allows everyone to be excited so that even the non-dancers enjoy the evening. This is done by an experienced professional DJ using their years of education and knowledge to create a once in a lifetime experience for a wedding couple who truly wants their guests to have an amazing time at their wedding reception.

Show Notes

Conversation Highlights

[03:23] Ways to set up the right workflow as a DJ

[06:12] How competitors can turn out to be your colleagues with the right mindset

[07:58] Developing relationships with other professionals out of the industry

[08:13] Importance in providing value in networking

[09:13] Methods to network effectively to gain more leads

[10:47] Staying motivated to humble to learn about the trade and achieve success

[11:45] How to avoid pricing yourself out of success

[12:47] Why it is important to impress both the host and the guests of the event

[14:29] Advice for young DJs on making a living in this business


Remarkable Quotes from Dr Hugo Drax

[07:12] As soon as you first break down that humility barrier, now you’re going to be in the position to learn then, because if you’re a disc jockey, you should hopefully have a little bit of an extrovert in your personality.

[08:25] One of the challenges for people making a living is I think sometimes people price point themselves out of success. And what I mean by that is they raised their prices in the hopes of earning a living.

[10:45] Learn the selling process at whatever price points you’re at when you, cause when you learn to sell it well, and then you create raving fans out of the attendees that everybody that’s a guest at the party goes.

[11:23] Making the client satisfied, it’s a perception of, for your business, you want to make everyone satisfied crazy fan, if you make the guests crazy, raving fans and happy and thrilled and excited and with the decor, with the beauty, with the entertainment, everything you do, they’re going to tell the host

[12:16] Notice how to sell, when you’re raising your rates, you’re getting better fees, and then you are making a living. I mean, for an example, what good is it to charge $10,000 for videography, but only be able to sell that twice a year? It’s not a living,

[15:15] If somebody runs into an emergency and they have hired somebody who is unfortunately unqualified and they maybe went based on price and they went into an emergency

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